Violation of Probation Lawyer Houston

Violation of Probation Lawyers, Houston

Probation is often seen as an opportunity for individuals to stay out of prison; however, it comes with strict requirements. These requirements are all too easy to break, resulting in severe consequences. Our violation of probation lawyers in Houston understand that life happens when you’re on probation. Talk to an experienced violation of probation lawyer serving Houston today for a solution that keeps you out of jail.

Allegations of Probation Violation

The guidelines for probation are strict and comprehensive and depend on your specific case. However, most probation violations occur when an individual performs one or more of the following:

  • Accepts New Employment Without Permission
  • Attempts to Leave a Designated Geographic Area Without Permission
  • Does Not Attend Court-Ordered Meetings or Classes
  • Does Not Complete Ordered Community Service
  • Engages in Illegal Activity
  • Fails a Drug Test
  • Fails to Pay Fines or Restitution
  • Fails to Report to Probation Officer at Scheduled Times

It can be easy to violate the terms of your probation, but don’t face your original sentencing or additional charges alone. Contact the violation of probation lawyers serving Houston at Doran & Cawthorne PLLC and get the representation you need to fight against the allegation.

Experienced Violation of Probation Lawyers in Houston who Fight for You

Our violation of probation lawyers in Houston will listen to your reasoning for probation violation and build a case for your innocence to dismiss or reduce your sentence. The court can decide to revoke your probation, modify, or extend your probation as well as sentence you to jail time or carry out other sentences.

We will communicate with you, the judges, the prosecutors, and the probation officers to find the reason and solution for your probation violation. Don’t face jail time alone – call our skilled violation of probation lawyers in Houston now.

Don’t Fight Alone – Call Our Violation of Probation Lawyers in Houston Now

If you believe that you violated your probation, call us immediately so we can start building your case. Every second counts when we’re building a case before your next court date. Our violation of probation lawyers in Houston will help you retain your freedom and avoid more penalties with aggressive representation.


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