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After the damage to your car has occurred and both parties have exchanged insurance information, you may need legal representation to receive compensation for lost wages, physical pain, and much more.

Doran & Cawthorne’s team of New Orleans car accident lawyers are experienced in this scenario and know how to get the maximum amount of compensation you need to fix your car and start the healing process. Talk to a New Orleans car accident lawyer about the accident and let them fight for you.

New Orleans Car Accident Lawyers Fight For the Compensation You Deserve

Dealing with a car accident is already a stressful situation for both drivers involved. Along with lost wages, high medical bills, and damaged transportation, many people leave their compensation unclaimed. Unclaimed compensation can stem from failing to get a medical exam as you initially feel alright and then discover injuries too late. It can also stem from not knowing the right steps to claim it within the deadline.

Our New Orleans car accident lawyers are sympathetic and understand you need guidance around this process. Don’t let that money you need for rehabilitation and healing fall by the wayside – Doran & Cawthorne will fight for the cash you need to pay your car repair and medical bills.

New Orleans Car Accident Lawyers Will Help, Whether You Are Liable Or Not

While traffic rules are set in place to protect drivers, many drivers find themselves in situations where they do not have full control of their cars. When a driver is liable and causes an accident, they need to provide the victim with compensation for property damage, medical costs, and lost wages. Some of the most common causes of car accidents are:

  • Distracted Driving
  • Texting While Driving
  • Intoxication/Driving Under the Influence
  • Speeding
  • Driver Fatigue
  • Negligence
  • Reckless Driving
  • Tire Blowouts
  • Mechanical Failures
  • Poor Visibility


No matter what situation caused the accident, our New Orleans car accident lawyers will give you a free consultation and provide help.

Call Our New Orleans Car Accident Lawyers to Schedule A Consultation

If you are in the midst of arguing with insurance companies about the type of compensation you need, get legal guidance through a consultation with the Doran & Cawthorne team of New Orleans car accident lawyers. We are experienced in fighting insurance companies and stopping them from taking advantage of you during this vulnerable time.

You deserve to have the funds needed to repay your medical bills and get some security to move on with your life. Whether your car got severely damaged or you have sustained physical or emotional damage, the team at Doran & Cawthorne, PLLC, will be by your side. Above all, we are here to listen to your questions and concerns.


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