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No one expects to be injured while on the job. Even high-risk jobs have safety precautions to help prevent injuries, but workplace accidents do occur and can result in severe injury. Whether your work has inherent dangers such as construction or offshore oil work or you work in a relatively safe place, you could face financial ruin if injured. Contacting the workers’ compensation lawyers in Baton Rouge at Doran and Cawthrone is the best choice for receiving the monetary compensation you deserve for being injured on the job.

Financial Strains You Face When You Need Workers’ Compensation

Most injured workers never get the compensation they need because they don’t know their rights. At Doran and Cawthrone, we protect your rights and give you the options you deserve in compensation reward, job protection, and legal guidance.

As the financial repercussions can be massive, hiring a workers’ compensation lawyer in Baton Rouge can ensure you get what you are entitled to in order to live comfortably until recovered. Some common financial strains that accompany workplace injuries include:

  • Lost Wages
  • Medical Expenses
  • Physical Therapy
  • Long-term Disability
  • Job Loss

Free Consultation with the Best Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Baton Rouge

Doran and Cawthorne help ensure you are able to support yourself and your family after a workplace injury by fighting for your legal rights. We offer a free consultation to injured workers to assess payment potential and help you understand your options. Let us help you get payment for lost wages, medical costs, and more by calling our office today. Our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers in Baton Rouge fight for your rights.

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