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If you’ve experienced unwanted sexual contact, you deserve to be heard, protected, and to have a team of qualified sexual assault attorneys in Houston, TX, defend you. Doran & Cawthorne Law Firm sexual assault attorneys recognize the severity of sex crimes and know Texas law.

Sexual assault cases are often complicated and emotionally difficult, so you need an experienced sexual assault attorney in Houston to understand your story and represent you. Contact Doran & Cawthorne Law Firm to schedule a free consultation on what options you have for justice.

Types of Sexual Assault Cases Our Sexual Assault Attorneys in Houston Represent

There are several types of scenarios that are considered sexual assault in Texas and none are acceptable. Trust the sexual assault attorneys in Houston to provide aggressive representation for sexual assault crimes, including:

  • Unwanted violent or rough sex
  • Attempted rape
  • Unwanted touching or kissing
  • Refusing to use a condom or restricting access to birth control
  • Keeping someone from protecting themselves from sexually transmitted disease
  • Having sexual contact with an individual who is drugged, drunk, unconscious, or unable to either consent or disagree
  • Threatening another person to participate in unwanted sexual activity
  • Forcing or pressuring someone to perform sexual acts or have sex
  • Sexual insults directed toward someone

Get Justice with Our Sexual Assault Attorneys in Houston, TX

You deserve justice after the emotional and physical damage you have dealt with from a sexual assault. Our experienced sexual assault attorneys in Houston are dedicated to representing you to in the courtroom so that you get the much-needed compensation for recovery. From medical bill costs to counseling, with Doran & Cawthorne by your side, you can win the financial assistance needed to move on with your life.

Contact the Sexual Assault Attorneys in Houston at Doran & Cawthorne

With over 30 years of experience, the sexual assault attorneys in Houston at Doran & Cawthorne have worked tirelessly to represent thousands of individuals just like you. As our client, we listen to every word you have to say and believe your story regarding any sexual assault case.

We ensure that you get the best possible outcome in the courtroom, so you gain justice against your attacker. We promise that every conversation, whether it is over the phone or in-person, is kept confidential outside of the courtroom for your protection. Schedule a free consultation with our sexual assault attorneys in Houston, TX, today.


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