Class Action Lawsuits in Baton Rouge

Build Your Class Action Lawsuit and Get the Compensation You Deserve

There are instances when a single party’s action, product, or service affects a group of people. When those affected individuals ban together and seek justice, a class action or mass tort lawsuit is formed. At Doran and Cawthorne, we help people band together to form a class action lawsuit against the offending party. If you believe others have been injured or are in a similar situation as you because of a defect or negligence, call the experienced mass tort litigation attorneys at Doran and Cawthorne in Baton Rouge.

Class Action Lawsuits Harm Many, Don’t Let Yourself be a Victim

When an action or defect causes minor injury or financial loss, many people don’t pursue legal compensation. The small losses one person experiences are not worth the cost in legal fees or litigation. When a class action lawsuit is formed, however, the cost of the litigation is consolidated and the cost of the losses of all those affected justify the cost of the lawsuit. The party responsible for injury or loss may be held accountable by the people with a mass tort claim. When you ban together with others who experienced similar losses, you stop being a victim and help yourself and others receive the compensation everyone deserves from the offending party. 

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Examples of Class Action Lawsuits

  • Toxic Chemical Spill
  • Defective Tire Manufacturing
  • Corporate Theft
  • Illegal Fees
  • Dangerous Drug Distribution
  • Defective Products
  • Consumer Fraud
  • Security Fraud

The Experienced Mass Tort Litigation Attorneys in Baton Rouge Help You

Our skilled attorneys at Doran and Cawthorne in Baton Rouge know the procedures and have the resources to help you build a class action suit against a wrongdoer. We notify affected people and allow them to “opt-in” to the suit, bringing together the mass claims against the defendant. Representing you and the other affected individuals, we seek fair compensation for the accrued losses. Get the compensation you and many like you deserve, call the Baton Rouge class action lawsuit attorneys at Doran and Cawthorne to discuss your claim today.

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