Bus Accident baton rouge

Bus Accident Lawyers in Baton Rouge for Your Personal Injury Case

A bus accident can cause serious trauma, injuries, and even result in death. If you or a loved one was involved in a bus-related crash, call the Baton Rouge bus accident lawyers at Doran and Cawthorne, PLLC for the legal representation that you deserve. Whether you were a pedestrian, motorist, or a bus passenger, our attorneys are prepared to fight for your personal injury case.

We help victims who have been involved in accidents involving:

  • Charter Buses
  • Public Transportation Buses (CATS)
  • Party Buses
  • School Buses
  • Shuttle Buses

Baton Rouge Personal Injury Attorneys Who Take on Complex Bus Accident Cases

Due to the size of a bus, a bus-related accident can severely harm a larger amount of people than a normal car wreck. Moreover, because buses have multiple passengers, there are many more people affected in a crash. The more people involved, the more complex the case can be. Determining who is at fault for the bus accident case can be complicated if you’re not an experienced attorney. Our injury attorneys at Doran and Cawthorne have experience in handling complex bus accident cases and can help you with yours.

Who Is at Fault?

Bus accidents occur for several reasons. Sometimes the bus driver is found at fault, but often there are other causes for a bus crash. Improper training, mechanical problems, and negligence are all possibilities for the cause of your pain and suffering. We help you get the peace of mind you deserve by identifying the source of the problem and bringing any responsible party to justice.

  • Bus Driver
  • Another Driver
  • The Bus Driver’s Employer
  • The City
  • The School District
  • Bus Manufacturer

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When you hire Doran and Cawthorne to represent you in your bus accident case, we fight for you. Our Baton Rouge bus accident attorneys provide aggressive representation to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any future expenses you will incur to move on from the accident. Give our personal injury attorneys a call today at 337-948-8008.